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Birthday parties are special and you will surely look to make it a memorable event for all. Hire a magician for kid birthday party entertainment. Mr. John Measner arranges the best magic show for your kids birthday and ensures full success of the party.
The John Measner Magic Show! is the one that you cannot afford to miss or exclude from the party event in Chicago. The magic acts are interactive, exciting, and fun for young children, older kids, and even adults. The person is an Illusionist and can perform superlative acts in a party. Are you looking for a private birthday party magician? Invite John Measner to arrange a magic event in your kids birthday bash. The child will be the “STAR” of the event and in the end John will use him/her on stage – even floating them in the air!
Private Birthday Party Magicians are a hot topic these in the United States and most people book a magician for their kid’s birthday party. A seasoned magician like John electrifies the atmosphere with the unique wizardry of the magical arts. Do you what is the best thing about hiring such an entertainment? You don’t need to break the bank at any point of time. You will get here the competitively priced child entertainment solutions for any style and theme.

Why hire John Measner private birthday party magician?

Other than the experience in the field and the expertise, John Measner mixes up the tricks according to the environment and choice of the kids. An action-packed private birthday party is desired by all children and this is the time you can make your kid feels amazing about their birthday.
• The birthday child will be the STAR of the show
• A stage show is always desirable from a private birthday party magician
• Definite shows for different age groups and themes
• Mesmerizing and jaw-dropping magic tricks
• The magic show catches the undivided attention of all the children
John is more than a magician. He is an entertainer. His bag full of tricks will be packed with plenty of laughs and excitement. You can be sure that your guests will have a great time watching The John Measner Magic Show! Book your dates now and get the required advice to make the magic show in the birthday party a real success.

Little Bit about John Measner

John is a father of three – so he understands how important it is to throw a successful birthday party. That’s why he proudly displays his WOW guarantee. Your guests will be thoroughly entertained – the kids will be enthralled as they sit quietly, “MEASNERized”!! John uses live birds and a French poodle that create that “awwww” effect. His show is self-contained and can be performed in your family room, basement, backyard or clubhouse. Rest assured The John Measner Magic Show is quality family entertainment for kids of all ages!

John arrived on-time and was set-up and ready to go by the time we discussed. The party was a success because of the magic show. The children (parents too) were amazed at the awesome magic tricks he performed. Thank you John for making Ryan's birthday party one he and the guest will always remember. Thanks again!

Wayne and Zuany Geiger Bensenville, IL

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