That’s the sound of Cub Scouts, laughing, screaming and having fun! That’s what The John Measner Magic Show specializes in. Once John takes the stage, all eyes are on him as he astonishes, amazes and simply has fun with the Scouts! Using age-appropriate material, John’s show is funny, comical and simply entertaining as he invites kids and scout leaders on stage to assist him in his magical endeavors to the sheer delight of his audience. During the captivating show you will see illusions that truly astound, magic that amazes as John produces real live birds that magically transform into a toy poodle!
Performing for over 25 years, John knows what entertains the scouts. This ain’t no hokey show! The show is self-contained, as John brings his backdrops and sound equipment.

They’ll be talking about this night for years…how they received their awards, they spent time with their family and friends and were amazed at The John Measner Magic Show! Who knows? Maybe one of those Cubs Scouts will become the next great magician of his time!

Our Blue and Gold Dinner celebration was extra magical this year due to the amazing performance by John Measner and his assistant. Our dinner of 189 guests were surprised and spellbound during the entire show. From the animals to the illusions to the funny comments and audience participation, this show was a fantastic and mystical way to end our year of scouting. Everyone was talking about the show the rest of the night. We can't wait to have him come back!!

St. Monica's Cub Scout Pack #3943 Chicago, IL

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