A magic show for every need and every venue...

John Measner is simply the magic solution. His show can be performed in a living room where your guests are mere feet away from his magic. This parlor magic setting is ideal for home shows, restaurant events and small venues. That’s where John is unique! He tailors your needs to the show that best fits your budget and venue.

Need a bit larger show? John’s mid size illusion show features floating a member of the audience, classic such as cutting them in half and impossible feats of dexterity performed in a small theatre like setting. This show is ideal for seating’s of up to 100.

I had never seen the act before, but others in the group were impressed. After experiencing the show their impressions were not good enough. The kids loved it, the adults loved it even more. I was getting compliments about this choice months later. I must also add that working with John was a joy. He is very professional, yet easy going and was able to accommodate some last minute changes.

Allen Kuhlman Adventure Princess Program, Grayslake, IL

You say you need a large production? How about a full scale live tiger production and a Las Vegas style review complete with stage assistants, music , special lighting and sets? The John Measner Magic Show truly has the program to fit all your magical needs! Every show is entertaining, amazing and includes audience participation, comedy, music to magic and truly unmatched professionalism. Only a seasoned professional, classically trained, award winning magician can provide that and has been providing just that for over 25 years. Make your next event a successful one and hire The John Measner Magic Show!

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