When planning a school assembly or a library show, you look for exciting entertainment that will captivate the kids and not bore the young adults - this while balancing good taste with wholesome family entertainment. The John Measner Magic Show exemplifies wholesome entertainment.

John tailors his show to match your venue, whether it’s an intimate local library or a full stage school assembly, John provides the all-in-one solution. From large illusions such as Houdini’s Famous Metamorphosis and classical illusions like the Zig Zag Lady – John ‘s stage show is self contained complete with music , backdrops, live doves and a trained toy poodle. His smaller assembly show, while no less amazing, incorporates audience participation, amazing magical effects, comedy and magic to music. Each and every show is truly entertaining, amazing and professional.

John has years of experience and knows what students respond to. The parents will rave, the teachers will applaud and the children will be thoroughly entertained and amazed. Make your next school assembly or library show a success by inviting The John Measner Magic Show!

When we had record numbers (800!) show up for our first summer program, John was gracious enough to offer to do an additional show. In the space of less than two hours, John and Robin put on two fabulous, magical performances. All of the children -- and the adults -- were entranced and the 300 people who waited to get into the second show commented on how worthwhile the wait it was. The best testimonial came from a little boy who came out of our program room and shouted to his mother, "Mom, he was a real magician!"
Thank you, John and Robin, for the most spectacular opening program we've ever had.

Sharon Grover Head of Youth Services, Janesville, WI

Call or Text for more information 708.425.4558