Looking to spice up that company event?

Incorporate your brand into an amazing performance

Whether at a trade show booth stopping traffic with his amazing close-up magic or a complete stage show highlighting your company brand, The John Measner Magic Show simply makes sense!

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Your Company…Your Event

John can incorporate your brand onstage magically making your CEO appear out of thin air or cutting him or her in half- John’s corporate show is an outstanding business decision! The full stage show can integrate your company’s product while providing entertainment in a class by itself. Contact John to go over a custom designed program that meets your time frame, your budget and your demands for your next corporate event.

Employee Interaction

Smiles All Aournd

John has years of experience entertaining small groups in venues such as corporate cocktail parties. People will be curious as to what’s happening on the other side of the room as they hear hilarity, gasps of wonder and bursts of laughter. It’s John Measner entertaining your customers or coworkers insuring a good time will be had by all!

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John Measner is the top-rated magician in Chicago performing WOW-ing shows for corporate events. The charm of the man is enough to bring life to any event. Your company will never be the same after this Magical Presentation.  Now is the time to make your next company event a great success. Book The Measner Magic Show today!

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