Keep Your Guests Entertained

Strolling Magic

When you have John Measner perform his strolling magic right before your eyes! That awkwardness of “dead air” vanishes when people laugh, applaud and enjoy John’s amazing “right under your nose miracles”! This elite form of personalized entertainment is perfect for weddings, cocktail parties, hospitality suites and mixers. It’s obscure enough not to overpower the event but enhance the evening’s festivities. John can perform in a full tux for the most elite corporate event or casual sport jacket for an afternoon wedding reception. John always tailors his magic to match the event. Restaurateurs rely on John’s magic to set them apart from the others as they feature “Magic At Your Tables”

Let’s Get Started

John Measner is the top-rated magician in Chicago performing WOW-ing shows for parties and private events. The charm of the man is enough to bring life to any event. Your party will never be the same with this Magical Presentation. The Strolling Magic Show will truly amaze all your guests.  Book The Measner Magic Show today!