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John has been stilt walking for over 20 years and will turn your normal everday event into something extraordinary. This stilt-walking performance keeps guests entertained while bringing a sense of wonder to the event atmosphere.

Bigger is Better

John Measner’s stilt walking performance is truly a breathtaking spectacular. With costumes to fit all types of events, this is a can’t miss opportunity.

At 8+ feet of height John will create a custom atmosphere tailored to your party. With balloon animals or magic up in the sky, this is one event your guests will never forget.

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John Measner stilt walking truly has the program to fit all your event needs! Every show is entertaining, amazing and includes audience participation, comedy and truly unmatched professionalism. Only a seasoned professional, classically trained, award winning stilt walker can provide that and has been providing just that for over 25 years. Make your next event a successful one!

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